Class trip

Our team has many years of experience in organising sporting class trips and camps in summer and winter. Our aim is to promote active recreation among young people, to introduce them to new sports and, of course, to provide them with the best possible recreation. The excursions and camps will help them discover new places and make new friends.



Our expertise is not only several years of camping experiencethanks to, our guides regularly attend training courses (guiding, local knowledge, first aid, service, common physical training) are involved in, while our bikes are regularly maintained.

Up to one day, up to for longer camps, in consultation with our clients we prepare the programme plan together (because our class teacher is on holiday too!), a special needsWe try to help/find a solution.

We can deliver up to 55 bikes at a time, which is essential to multiple sites: organise activities along Lake Balaton, in the Danube Bend or around Lake Venice.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Browse our tour offers and contact the Csöpi Cycling Centre directly by e-mail and by phone.

csop2 - Csöpi Kerékpáros Központok - BALATONFÜRED - BALATONAKARATTYA

Some cycling programme options:

A relaxed tour to the peninsula of Tihany:
Departure and arrival point: Csöpi Cycling Centre in Fyre
Distance: max 25 km, some climbs
Duration: 4-5 hours
Points of interest, sights, programs without the need for completeness: the Abbey, Inner Lake, Visszhang Hill, geyser cones, Levendula House, Gödres beach

Cycling to Fűzfő and beyond?....
Departure and arrival point: Füred or Akarattya (departure and arrival may differ)
Distance: about 40 km, uphill to Bob's track
Duration: about 5 hours
Bob and leisure park visit, beach, football

Small body:
Departure and arrival place: Füred or Akarattya
Distance: 80 km
Duration: 8-9 hours
Ferry crossing between Tihany and Szántód

Of course, we can tailor tour itineraries according to individual requests, it is possible to choose destinations other than the above, without necessarily cycling back to the starting point.

Our tours around Siofok, Balatonboglár, Keszthely, Little Balaton or several days on Lake Balaton are also popular with students. Contact us and we will tailor the programme and itinerary to your needs.

Wouldn't they come to Lake Balaton? Lake Venice, the Danube Bend, or elsewhere ...?
No problem! Contact us for a quote: [email protected]